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Amazing Grace has made the

difference between success and

​failure, understanding and

​confusion, hope and despair,

for People and Family’s that suffer from the

Disease of Addiction.




                Who's and Addict?


Who Is An Addict?

Most of us do not have to think twice about this question.We know! Our whole life and thinking was centered in drugs in one form or another-the getting and using and finding ways and means to get more. We lived to use and used to live. Very simply, an addict is a man or woman whose life is controlled by drugs. We are people in the grip of a continuing and progressive illness whose ends are always the same: jails, institutions, and death. If this sounds like you or someone you know. Then Help? is just a click away. If you are reading this Congratulations you have just taken the first step to RECOVERY! Click here to take the who's and ADDICT SELF TEST.

Men, Women, Children, Teen's

Families and Friends Suffer from

the Disease of Addiction.

The Disease of Addiction does not just affect the Addict.


We are a not for profit service

we are here to help? and give back hope to anyone who suffers

from the Disease of Addiction!

Addiction can and does affect

Family's, and Friend's of the Addict, turning the Family's world upside down and inside out leaving them feeling hopeless helpless and frustrated. However, if you are reading this you too have taken the first step to finding HOPE and HELP? Click here to see how Family's are affected by the Disease of Addiction take the SELF TEST for Familys affected by the Disease of Addiction?

You don't have to be a Christian to get  HELP? or use this website!

We are Recovering addicts who through the tools of this site and with the Amazing Grace of God

have managed to stay Drug and Alcohol free for 20 years. We are,

here to provide, Hope to anyone who suffers from the Disease of Addiction. Please read our Privacy page. we are dependent on donations, help us help others. If you  would like to make a donation contact us or click here. Or to read MY STORY of addiction and recovery click on Read more.

click here for a List of the most commonly abused and used drugs

Amazing Grace is a not for profit service, which depends on donation's. If you would like to help us help others and make a donation click on I want to help?



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