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AMAZING GRACE is a not for profit service.

We are here because we once struggled with the Disease of Addiction. We are here because we found a new way of life. Through the tools of this website and the amazing grace of God today we can say we are Recovering and want to share the message of RECOVERY  with anyone who wants to be free from the Disease of Addiction.


We Are Here Because?

Before FINDING RECOVERY and GOD we could not manage our own lives. We could not live as other people do, we had to have something different and we thought we had found it in drugs. We placed their use ahead of the welfare of our families, our wives, husbands, and our children. We had to have drugs at all costs. We did many people great harm but most of all we harmed ourselves. Through our inability to accept personal responsibilities we were actually creating our own problems. We seemed to be incapable of facing life on its own terms. Most of us realized that in our addiction we were slowly committing suicide, but addiction is such a cunning enemy of life that we had lost the power to do anything about it. Many of us ended up in jail or sought help through medicine, religion, and psychiatry. None of these methods was sufficient for us. Our disease always resurfaced or continued to progress until in desperation we sought help from each other in Narcotics Anonymous, and God After coming to NA, we realized we were sick people. We suffered from a disease from which there is no known cure, it can, however, be arrested at some point and recovery is then possible. NA is not a Religious  12 step program.

and you don't have to be Christian to get Help? We however, truly Believe  that you can't stay clean and sober with out GOD!  however,

we are not here to convert, change, or preach to you or your family.  We are here to offer anyone seeking Hope! and Help? a helping hand! Contact Us:

Statement of Belief..

Statement of Belief.


1.We believe the Bible is the infallible Word of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit.

2.We believe there is only one living and true God, Eternal, with unlimited power, creator of all things and that in the one God are three distinct Persons: The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

3.We believe that mankind’s only hope of redemption is in Jesus Christ, the Son of God

4.We believe in salvation and healing through faith, in the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

5.We believe the inward evidence of salvation to the believer is by the witness of the Holy Spirit: the outward evidene to others is a life of holiness and love.

6.We believe that Water Baptism by immersion, in the Name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, is a public witness in obedience to Christ.

7.We believe in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit as evidenced by speaking in other tongues. This Baptism empowers the believer for life and service.

8.We believe that the Communion is to commemorate the Lord’s death until He returns.

9.We believe that church is the body of Christ.

10.We believe that there is a devil and with his demons they are a defeated enemy of God and His people.

11.We believe that hell is the place where Satan, his demons and all those who do not accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour will spend eternity.

12.We believe that the Lord Himself will descend from Heaven and gather all born-again believers to Himself. That there will also be a day of judgement when the unrighteous will go into everlasting punishment and the righteous into life eternal with God.


We state again You do not have to be a christian, to Receive Help? from Us..


The only requirement to use this SITE  is a desire to stop using DRUGS and all other mind-altering substances!


Amazing Grace is a not for profit service, which depends on donation's. If you would like to help us help others and make a donation click on I want to help?

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