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Before and After

See how Using Drugs and or Alcohol can affect even the STARS....

This is to show that Addiction can and does Affect everyone!! These Before and After Pictures are not meant to Glamourize Drug or Alcohol use! They are here simply to show the effects that drugs and alcohol can have if you use them, Because the Disease of Addiction AFFECTS US ALL!  

RECOGNIZE any one? Drugs and Alcohol can destroy even the rich and famous!!

The Good News is RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE!!  Before and After can work both ways!?



The purpose of this list of famous people and celebrity alcohol and drug abusers is not to embarrass anyone. The purpose is to show we are all human, all in it together and have the same issues as one another. No one is immune from addiction.




Kirsty Alley                                                               




Daniel Baldwin

Marion Barry

Drew Barrymore

John Belushi

Bo Bice (American Idol)

Robert Blake

Danny Bonaduce

David Bowie

Russell Brand

Eileen Brennan

Elisa Bridges

Bobby Brown

James Brown

Jim Brown

A. Whitney Brown

Lenny Bruce

Jenna Bush

Noelle Bush

Brett Butler






Ken Caminiti

Glen Campbell

Naomi Campbell

Truman Capote

Jennifer Capriati

George Carlin

Judy Carne

Richard Carpenter

Nell Carter

Nick Carter

Johnny Cash

Coco Chanel

Ray Charles

Chevy Chase

Dick Cheney


Kurt Cobain

Judy Collins

Jeff Conaway

Tara Conner

Gerry Cooney

Alice Cooper

David Crosby

Tony Curtis






John Daly

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Pat Day

Johnny Depp

Andy Dick

Pete Doherty

Michael Douglas

Robert Downey, Jr.

Richard Dreyfuss

Dick Van Dyke





Dock Ellis






Colin Farrell

Corey Feldman

Stacy Ann Ferguson "Fergie"

Carrie Fisher

Heidi Fleiss

Betty Ford

Mark Foley (Representative)

James Frey


David Gahan

James Galdolfini

Jerry Garcia

Leif Garrett

Boy George

Vitas Gerulaitis

J. Paul Getty, Jr.

Mel Gibson

Dwight Gooden

Melanie Griffith






Larry Hagman

Jessica Hahn

Corey Haim

Eddie Van Halen

Tonya Harding

Prince Harry

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Billy Holiday

Oscar De La Hoya 

Whitney Houston

Steve Howe







Jennifer Lyn Jackson

Michael Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson

Etta James

Rick James

Dr. John

Elton John

George Jones

Wynonna Judd




Frida Kahlo

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Patrick Kennedy

Ted Kennedy

Rodney King

Ray Kroc





Christopher Kennedy Lawford

Martin Lawrence

Annie Leibowitz

Richard Lewis

Rush Limbaugh

Lindsay Lohan

Joe Louis

Demi Lovato 

Courtney Love

Bela Lugosi






Marshall Mathers (Eminem)

John McVie

Jo Dee Messina

Liza Minnelli

Robert Mitchum

Eddie Money

Marilyn Monroe

Cory Monteith 

Keith Moon

Demi Moore

Mary Tyler Moore

Jim Morrison

Kate Moss

Randy Moss

Brittany Murphy







Joe Namath

Leonard Nimoy

Nick Nolte





Pat O'Brien

Tatum O'Neal

Kelly Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne

Haley Joel Osment




Chris Penn

Matthew Perry

Mackenzie Phillips

Joaquin Phoenix

Wilson Pickett

Paula Poundstone

Iggy Pop

Jason Priestley

Richard Pryor

Ben Affleck

Buzz Aldrin

Tom Arnold



Dennis Quaid




Jim Ramstad

Keith Richards

Nicole Richie

Dennis Rodman

Mickey Rourke

Winona Ryder



George C. Scott

Charlie Sheen

Jessica Sierra

Roy Simmons

O.J. Simpson

Tom Sizemore

Grace Slick

Anna Nicole Smith

Dr. Bob Smith

Onterrio Smith

Christian Slater

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino

David Soul

Britney Spears

Oliver Stone

Darryl Strawberry

Kiefer Sutherland

Patrick Swayze




Elizabeth Taylor

Lawrence Taylor

Billy Bob Thornton

Ted Turner

Mike Tyson




Al Unser, Jr.




Stevie Ray Vaughan

Jan Michael Vincent




Dionne Warwick

Chris Webber

Hank Williams III

Paul Williams

Robin Williams

Amy Winehouse

Shelley Winters

Franz Wright







If you are reading this than you have already taken the first STEP to RECOVERING from the grips of and Addiction.

With the HELP? of GOD and the tools of this website and a 12 step program. Family's, love one's and Lives are RESTORED! click here to find help?

Amazing Grace is a not for profit service, which depends on donation's. If you would like to help us help others and make a donation click on I want to help?

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