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This story is not meant to Glamourize drug's or drug use.

It is meant to help and give hope to anyone struggling with the Disesae of Addiction and should not be compared to anyone.

{ How I, got saved by the Amazing Grace of GOD! and the NA 12 step program.}


In September 1994 after reaching what for me was my bottom. And being sick and tired of being sick and tired and desperately wanting to come out of the sewer I was in, and after many many nights of praying and falling asleep in prayer and nodding off in prayer and being so high that I fell asleep half way through the prayers. I prayed for 21 of the 29 years that I used drugs . But in 1994 my prayers were answered Gods amazing Grace saved me. I woke up on this particular morning and made the decision to get help? I remember just not wanting to get high and live like I was living any more, although I was not living I was just existing now you have to understand I Attempted recovery a couple of times and it din't work. That is why I USE THE WORDS Amazing Grace. Because I could never really stop using drugs and alcohol before! and of course every one thought, here he goes again and so did I, because I even had doubts if I could stay stooped from using drugs and alcohol?But God gave me the strength to follow through with my decision and to sincerely seek the much needed help I longed for. You see I had tried to stop using many times before. But each time it was for the wrong reasons. I tried to stop using for my Mother, Father, Wife, and Daughter. And because I was threatened to be kicked out of the house, if I continued to use. And because it sounded like the right thing to do. None of these things worked because I was not doing it for me. I was trying to stop using drugs for all the wrong reasons. Now you might say that the reason I was able to stop using drugs finally was because I made up my mind to stop! Because as we all know you have to want to stop! I would have loved to believe that because it would have meant for me that I was actually able to do something right for once in my sad life , However that is not the case I was only able to stop using because of the Amazing Grace God shed on my life, through Jesus my lord and savior and the Holy Ghost . It was Gods Grace that saved me and his renewing of my spirit that got me to stop using drugs nothing more nothing less! Be-live what you want but when you accept Jesus Christ as your savior you are renewed the old man is gone and a new MAN is born.


LISTEN when all else fails!! and you just can't seem to stay clean or sober! no matter what you do. Try Jesus what do you have to lose besides your LIFE, FAMILY FRIENDS OR LOVE ONES.!! He worked for me and he will work for you to if you call on him. Family's you to can call on him for a love one or for your self! Along with the NA 12 step program Al-non Na-non or Al-teen. Jesus my lord and savior literally saved me. You see I had no will power no self control no freedom of choice to stop using. I could not do it on my own I was a slave to drugs. I needed GOD’S help to overcome the hold drugs had on me. God bless you if you can stop using drugs with out Gods help and stay stooped not just put the drug down but live life drug free. Because I knew I could not., I had tried every thing else to stop using drugs and failed to many times. Now where was I O’yes I woke up and picked up the phone and called my sister who was more than willing to drive me to the 2 detoxes I would have to go to. One for just the methadone and the second for the cocaine , heroin and alcohol and also to the drug rehab not necessarily in that order. The first detox was about two blocks from my house it took my sister longer to drive to pick me up, and drive me to the detox than it would have taken for me to walk the 2 blocks. But that’s how bad she wanted me to get help. I went in to the first detox and was blessed. I came out Methadone free. Right after that my sister, God bless her. Drove me to the second detox where I came out heroin, alcohol and cocaine free. Now here is where the Amazing Grace of God begins. Because if you have ever been addicted you know that putting down the drugs is just the beginning. I started to make NA meetings and AA meetings on a regular basis, I followed all the suggestions I got a sponsor got phone numbers made meetings I even was a chair person for a meeting in Manhattan. I, joined the hospitals and institutions meetings and became a speaker and the chair person for a detox ward in a hospital in Harlem New York. I told my story where ever and whenever I was asked. I always asked GOD to speak through me when ever I spoke even though NA and AA is not a religious program. And when I let God speak through me I always had people come up to me after the meeting and tell me thank you for sharing and how much they got out of my sharing and that it help them a great deal. Which made me feel like that is what I was there for to do Gods will. After a while I found that making meetings was not enough for me or that something was missing because even though I had put down the drug I still had the thoughts and behaviors of a person that used. I was staying away from People Places and Things.


Working the 12 steps but that was not enough. Please don’t get me wrong NA, AA is a wonderful support group and I will always recommend it to whoever is having problems with drugs or alcohol. In fact this website and I, Totally support all the 12 step programs But I, felt like I needed more help than just the 12 steps .I went in to a mental health hospital to seek help for my mind and spirit. Of course they just wanted to fill me up with pills and more pills and a therapist, I am not going to list the pills that I was on let’s just say there were a lot and it is not about the pills that they gave me. Because I had to detox my self off of them, Which is not recommended by no means. God is good isn't HE!. It is about seeking spiritual help for a spiritual Problem. I was seeking the wrong kind of help don’t get me wrong mental health hospitals and doctors are GOD given the lord has blessed us with them. If you need them use them. I however was seeking help for my flesh when it was my spirit that needed help. As I mentioned before, I had to detox myself off the mental health pills and when I did I went in to a serious depression, where I could actually feel my spirit under attack, My mood swings were so bad that my wife often suggested that I go to church. Eventually I took her advice and joined a local church with her. They had an alter call, which is where the pastor ask if anyone wants to give their life to Christ I walked up to the front of the church and came upon the alter. Where I was asked to repeat a prayer ROMANS 10:9 I repeated that prayer and was saved. My life has been much much better since then because I am letting God and the holy spirit guide me in everything I do. No it has not been an easy road but I know that it is the only road for me. Since I have given my life to Christ I have stop smoking. I had an operation on both of my hips and got addicted to the pain pills and had to detox myself off the pain pills. Again I don't suggest any one try detoxing them selves off of any thing!! I was truly blessed that it worked for me! all with Gods Amazing Grace was I able to do it. I have been clean now ( which means drug and alcohol free ) this September will be 20 years A men without a drink, or a drug I have also managed to stay cigarettes and pill free. God has completely removed any temptations or cravings. Drugs are no longer a problem for me. Life I take with the help of God one day at a time through Christs help I am able to overcome all things. God is truly good amen. I hope this has been a blessing to you, May God bless you and keep you free AMEN If you would like to talk please feel free to Text me @ or e-mail me@ I, will listen. GOD BLESS YOU!….


Please read MY STORY of drug addiction.


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